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Setting up McCabe Code Complexity reporting for Python in Jenkins (Hudson)

In this post I’m going to explain the steps in order to integrate pycabehtml https://bitbucket.org/jordilin/pycabehtml  into Jenkins using the Html Plugin. Add build step Execute Shell. You’ll see a text box where you will be able to write the shell script … Continue reading

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Reporting McCabe Code Complexity for Python projects in Jenkins (aka Hudson)

Not long ago, I wrote a parser for Pymetrics to produce an html formatted document designed to be integrated in Jenkins using its Html plugin. In Jenkins CI we have Python support for unit tests, code coverage and lint reporting, … Continue reading

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rdiff-backup, Python and Ubuntu.

I’ve been using rdiff-backup for quite a long time now for my backup purposses. rdiff-backup allows me to have my /home folder always in sync with an external usb hard drive. If for some reason I have to re-install operating … Continue reading

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Asserting log traces in functional or unittests Python

Sometimes you need to assert log traces while writing tests, mostly functional tests (end to end) after you have setup several components by means of mocks. When executing nosetests it sets up automatically the logging and uses any handler you … Continue reading

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What do you do in your computer?

I just wrote some days ago a Python program that tells you how do you spend your time with in your computer. Take a look at http://www.jordilin.com/pyhacks. Only works for Linux and requires python.

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Log4tailer, tailing your logs in multicolor

I’ve been hacking recently a lot with Python in my spare time, and to be honest, it is very powerful, lots of fun, and object oriented. It allows me to quickly transform my thinking into real code and python incredible … Continue reading

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