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HowTo Ubuntu 8.10 64bit and Areca 6.2 (6.1) java Backup Utility

1) Go to Synaptic and install libswt-cairo-gtk-3.4-jni libswt-gnome-gtk-3.4-jni libswt-gtk-3.4-java libswt-gtk-3.4-jni libswt-mozilla-gtk-3.4-jni 2) cd /usr/lib/jni cp the files: libswt-atk-gtk-3448.so libswt-cairo-gtk-3448.so libswt-gtk-3448.so libswt-pi-gtk-3448.so libswt-awt-gtk-3448.so libswt-gnome-gtk-3448.so libswt-mozilla-gtk-3448.so to the areca/lib folder with names in order of appearance: libswt-atk-gtk-3232.so libswt-cairo-gtk-3232.so libswt-gtk-3232.so libswt-pi-gtk-3232.so libswt-awt-gtk-3232.so libswt-gnome-gtk-3232.so … Continue reading

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