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Reporting McCabe Code Complexity for Python projects in Jenkins (aka Hudson)

Not long ago, I wrote a parser for Pymetrics to produce an html formatted document designed to be integrated in Jenkins using its Html plugin. In Jenkins CI we have Python support for unit tests, code coverage and lint reporting, … Continue reading

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rdiff-backup, Python and Ubuntu.

I’ve been using rdiff-backup for quite a long time now for my backup purposses. rdiff-backup allows me to have my /home folder always in sync with an external usb hard drive. If for some reason I have to re-install operating … Continue reading

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Log4Tailer 2.4, monitoring logs like never before

Log4tailer the opensource log monitor application I’m working on was released on its version 2.4 some weeks ago. Log4tailer has helped me to catch some undesirable log traces in many Java enterprise applications in my career. I’ve seen many QA … Continue reading

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Log4Tailer 1.42 released

I released Log4Tailer 1.42 on Monday. It is just a minor release affecting mostly on the final reports once you finish tailing a log. Log4Tailer allows you to tail logs in colors amongst other features. It is very useful … Continue reading

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Sound in Amarok 2.0.2 and Ubuntu Jaunty 9.04

I really like Amarok, but apparently in Ubuntu 9.04 Gnome as a Desktop, when installing amarok it does not play sound at all. After some investigation, apparently amarok uses Phonon and you need to make sure you have the xine … Continue reading

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Log4tailer, tailing your logs in multicolor

I’ve been hacking recently a lot with Python in my spare time, and to be honest, it is very powerful, lots of fun, and object oriented. It allows me to quickly transform my thinking into real code and python incredible … Continue reading

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Firefox Extensions

Firefox extensions are a way to enhance your surfing experiences. Many people just don’t know that they exist or just forget about them. Here a list of the more powerful and useful extensions: Adblock All-in-One Sidebar Clippings DownThemAll FasterFox FlashGot … Continue reading

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