Log4Tailer 2.6 released

Log4Tailer this time provides two more types of notifications: cornermark and filter. Cornermark is just a visual mark in the bottom right corner of the terminal that notifies you if something went wrong in the application you are monitoring. Let’s suppose you go out for a break and you don’t have enough permissions to make log4tailer use email notifications. Then, if you provide the cornermark option with the time you’ll be out of your desktop, it will notify you with a visual mark. As for the filter notification, it is just a combination of tail and grep. Other features provided are reporting to a file and silence mode without email notification. It fixes some minor problems as well. Tailing logs using colors, notifications and reporting will allow you to monitor applications in a more efficient way than just using tail.

Cornermark notification:

You can download log4tailer from googlecode at http://code.google.com/p/log4tailer


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I'm a Senior Software Engineer with an MSc in Telecommunications Engineering. I've got a range of interests including Linux, a very powerful and limitless operating system, travelling, gastronomy and technology.
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