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Log4Tailer 2.6 released

Log4Tailer this time provides two more types of notifications: cornermark and filter. Cornermark is just a visual mark in the bottom right corner of the terminal that notifies you if something went wrong in the application you are monitoring. Let’s … Continue reading

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Audio Preview in Ubuntu

The other day while browsing some audio files with Nautilus I saw that if you mantain the mouse pointer over an audio file icon, Ubuntu will play it back. Cool.

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Adding source code in wordpress

From time to time I wondered how to include source code in wordpress, and today I found the following link that tells how to do it 🙂 and this is how you would list the contents of a directory … Continue reading

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rdiff-backup, Python and Ubuntu.

I’ve been using rdiff-backup for quite a long time now for my backup purposses. rdiff-backup allows me to have my /home folder always in sync with an external usb hard drive. If for some reason I have to re-install operating … Continue reading

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