Eclipse Ganymede, TPTP and Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex

It seems that configuring Eclipse to work with Ubuntu is always a bit painful, mainly tptp and subversion. This post is all about tptp (test and performance tools for Eclipse). I have tested with Ubuntu 32 bit edition. First of all, of course, you’ll need to install tptp from ganymede. When you are going to profile some java app, you’ll get an error code IWAT0435E, saying that the agent could not be started.

First fix:

You’ll need to install libstdc++2.10-glibc2.2_2.95.4-27_i386.deb (no amd64 available) as the ACServer apparently was compiled against that old gcc version. Unfortunately, Ubuntu does not provide this library anymore, so you’ll have to grab it from Debian repos

Just click on it, and Ubuntu will install it. If you like command line (like me) and use 64 bit, then feel free to open a shell and type:

sudo dpkg –force-architecture –install libstdc++2.10-glibc2.2_2.95.4-22_i386.deb

Second fix:

Go to eclipse/plugins/, and edit the files, In first line, when it says #!/bin/sh, it should say #!/bin/bash.

The cool tptp now should work. Have fun, eclipse is an incredible ide šŸ˜‰

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I'm a Senior Software Engineer with an MSc in Telecommunications Engineering. I've got a range of interests including Linux, a very powerful and limitless operating system, travelling, gastronomy and technology.
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4 Responses to Eclipse Ganymede, TPTP and Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex

  1. Donal says:


    Great instructions. I found a lot of complicated procedures on the web. This was by far the simplest

    I had one slight additional task to perform. I needed to install I installed this using the package manager. After this I created a soft link in eclipse/plugins/ to this library

    ln -s /usr/lib/

    Hope this helps someone

  2. Jason says:

    Thanks Jordi and Donal, using both of your instructions I was able to get TPTP in Eclipse Ganymede working with Intrepid 8.10 on an AMD64 box.

  3. Bart Kiers says:

    Yes, many thanks to both Jordi and Donal. I also needed both your solutions in order to make this work with Ubuntu 9.04 (amd64) and Eclipse Ganymede 3.4.2.

    Again, thank you both!



  4. Alex says:

    Massive thank you Jordi, and Donal. Between the two simple fixes you both found I’m now up and running!

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