Back to the beloved UK

After spending some days in the always cool ( damn hot weather though 🙂 ) and lively Barcelona, meeting old friends and spending very nice dinners with my mother, I am back to Buckinghamshire. I arrived at Luton at 18:15. Incredible, this is the first time ever that easyjet arrives on time as I have had always delays with this company. There was a driver awaiting for me with a luxury mercedes to give me a 40 min drive to my home in Bourne End. Now, back on track and ready to work till next holidays. As for the weather, here is not as warm as Barcelona and there is no humidity. Now, there are flood alerts in my area, but there is nothing to be afraid so far. I have charged my batteries and I hope to write more often in this blog.  

Here some shots, Tibidabo, Telecommunications tower, and Casa BatllĂł, enjoy:







About jordilin

I'm a Senior Software Engineer with an MSc in Telecommunications Engineering. I've got a range of interests including Linux, a very powerful and limitless operating system, travelling, gastronomy and technology.
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