Windows Vista and IPv6

Well, after much investigating and after hours searching the HP webpage I´ve found the solution for my wireless weird problems. It seems that the internet protocol Ipv6 is not very well supported by Microsoft Windows Vista although it comes enabled by default. What a shame!!!. Many people are having weird problems with their wireless and internet connections. The nasty thing is that all seems perfectly ok, and well configured and figuring out that the cause is the Ipv6 protocol is not an easy task. Well, in the following link explains how to disable Ipv6 from your Windows Vista box. You can either disable it from your network connections or by editing the registry. I have had just one problem in a whole week by disabling the ipv6 from the network properties, so I decided to disable Ipv6 interely from my box by editing the registry. Hope I am not going to have problems anymore. This is in my opinion something to be taking into account.

I don’t know why Windows ships with Ipv6 enabled by default when this protocol is not yet very well implemented and not all the network devices support this protocol. If a wireless router, switch or whatever does not support this protocol and you have it enabled by default it can cause problems, such as lock ups, and the only solution is rebooting your box.


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2 Responses to Windows Vista and IPv6

  1. Sean Siler says:

    Actually it is much more likely that the problems you are experiencing are arising from the implementation of receeive window auto-tuning and compound TCP in the Windows Vista networking stack that aren’t fully supported in all vendors hardware. (Read about the enhancements at

    IPv6 actually has nothing to do with connection issues because without an address assignment source (DHCPv6, an IPv6 capable router, etc) the IPv6 functionality of the stack actually won’t be used.

  2. jordilin says:

    Thanks Sean Silver,
    It seems that although having disabled ipv6 I continue having the same problems (having to reboot my laptop to get wireless working every time I switch it on). In any case it is a shame that HP, the brand of my laptop, has not fully compliant hardware. It is really a weird issue having to reboot my laptop every time. Sometimes it works at the very beginning but sometimes I have to reboot. I don´t have any technical explanation. Perhaps, one solution would be changing the wireless card, but I´m not sure about that.

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