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In the company I work for many people use MAC and I begin to fall in love with MACs. MACs have an awesome hardware and the operating system is really cool. In fact the operating system is a Unix BSD … Continue reading

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Chilling weather in Buckinghamshire

I arrived in UK in February and till now I haven’t had bad weather, just normal temperatures and no raining. Now, with the spring just around the corner, temperatures have plunged. Really cold this week in Buckinghamshire :-(.

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Perl, I didn’t know you were so powerful

Well, I am doing some Perl programming and what I’ve seen at the moment is really impressive. For system administration and coding repetitive tasks, Perl is the most awesome programming language I’ve ever come across. Perl really rocks, and what’s … Continue reading

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Perl or Python

I’ve been a fan of Python for several years, but at this moment I need to learn some Perl, and what I have learned is quite impressive. Perl is a very powerful language with thousands of modules. I went for … Continue reading

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Back on track from the United Kingdom

Currently I live in Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom (South East London). One month ago I had the opportunity to work for Spinvox, a very cool company based on Marlow, Buckinghamshire. I have just arrived in UK, so to speak, and it’s … Continue reading

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