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Some doubts about Linux, use

I’ll be out for two weeks, but If you have some questions or doubts about Linux, take a look at the modfree forum at and you’ll get answers. There are some people there with lot of experience using Linux … Continue reading

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Time to be on holidays

Next two weeks I’ll be on holidays. This year I’m going to London for two weeks. It’s really high time I got holidays. This has been a tough year with a lot of work and I need some rest although … Continue reading

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HOWTO: Cloning your hard disk

I’m gonna explain another method to backup your whole hard disk. We are going to make an exact clone of our hard disk. In this howto, we will use a very useful command: dd. If your hard disk is /dev/hda … Continue reading

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Backup strategies for a Desktop Linux Box

There are several possibilites and tools. In fact, there are great tools to perform backups for your Linux Desktop. I’m gonna name the greatest: Mondo rdiff-backup rsync partimage It doesn’t matter which is the best, or what do you prefer. … Continue reading

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A linux geek in Catalonia

As I’m always trying new linux distros and changing quite a lot in search of the maximum power and flexibility, I’ve had to change the blog’s title. Now it does not show any OS name like before (an ubuntu user … Continue reading

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Installing the Java Virtual Machine in FreeBSD

It’s just very easy as FreeBSD has a license with Sun Microsystems. Just download the package for your architecture in and proceed as follows: pkg_add -r javavmwrapper pkg_add diablo-jre-freebsd6.i386. (in my case the i386 architecture) This will install the … Continue reading

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