HOWTO: Seeing the Trash icon in your Desktop (Ubuntu Dapper)

In Ubuntu Dapper Drake, there’s no trash icon in the Desktop, it’s in the bottom panel right side. In this article I’m going to explain how to show the Trash icon in the Desktop. Type the following:

gconf-editor &

a window will pop up, with the gnome registry:

There will be a panel in the left side.

Go to apps->nautilus->desktop and click on the variable trash_icon_visible and you’ll get the Trash in your desktop. See the screenshot below:



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7 Responses to HOWTO: Seeing the Trash icon in your Desktop (Ubuntu Dapper)

  1. Routerbad says:

    Thanks a bunch, been wondering how to do that

  2. Dan says:

    Does anybody know how to do this under KDE?

    I edited the desktop entry ‘trash.desktop’ and set ‘NoDisplay=true’ to false but the icon still won’t show up?!

  3. Curtis says:

    Thanks a lot. I never knew it was an option, but I do prefer it now that I have it. It always felt so strange to drag trash onto the panel.

  4. Greg says:

    Worked perfectly. Thank you. Funny it’s the little things that add up to a real operating environment.

  5. Wizard. This was starting to pi$$ me off… this is the simplest explanation i;ve seen to sort this,, ahem, oversight…

  6. winston says:

    thank you

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