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Locate in FreeBSD

When you install FreeBSD, there’s no locate database, so you must create one with /usr/libexec/locate.updatedb once finished, you will be able to use locate to find files the fast way. Advertisements

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Installing Texlive2005 in FreeBSD

First of all insert the cd and mount it doing: mount -t cd9660 /dev/acd0 /cdrom then proceed following the post in: when finished try to write the command latex and see if you get any error: I got the … Continue reading

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I’ve left Ubuntu, and now I use FreeBSD. A Unix BSD like operating system. It’s very powerful, fast and reliable. I’ve been playing with it only for two days and to be sincere is wonderful. Much faster and responsive than … Continue reading

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Ubuntu with a Mac look and feel

You can customize your Ubuntu OS look and feel in many ways. There are lots of icons, desktop themes and wallpapers. In the screenshot below I show off the capacity of Ubuntu to adopt other styles such as the cool … Continue reading

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A moderator free forum?

Yes. It’s a linux oriented forum and has been initiated by richbarna, a very well known ubuntuforum user. Now is run by BigDave and Richbarna as well. You are free to sign up and participate in this small and nice … Continue reading

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Bookmark tagging and social annotation with Diigo

The other day I discovered an awesome tool to surf and discover new web pages in Internet. Its name is Diigo and you can find it in For those who already know, just tell you that Diigo is … Continue reading

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HOWTO: Gui Apps when you are root in Ubuntu

When you are the root user by typing sudo -i you can’t execute gtk apps, and you get the following message: cannot open display: (null) That’s made for security reasons. To enable executing GUI apps then follow the instructions: When … Continue reading

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