HOWTO: Installing and compiling the latest latex and kile packages in Ubuntu Dapper Drake

Tetex is no longer mantained (see, so if we want the latest and greatest, we must install the latex system from the latest TeX live cd install.

First of all remove tetex-base, tetex-common, tetex-bin and kile from the repos.

The tetex package is no longer mantained so get the TeX Live Cd and kile source code from :

Get the packages and kile-1.9.1.tar.bz2

Once downloaded the tex live cd iso image unzip it by:

unzip and you’ll get the iso image. Burn it using your preferred burning app.

Installing the Tex system:

Go to the directory where the TeX Live cd is mounted /media/cdrom and execute:

sudo bash ./

You’ll get a menu with several options:

Type S (Scheme) and C (install everything).

Type D (Directory) and you’ll get the predefined installation directories. You don’t have to change them if you don’t want to. The 2 option I changed it to /usr/local/texmf-local but the default is Ok.

Press R to return to the main menu and type I (install). It will take a while to install the tex system in your computer. Once finished you’ll get the following:


Add the following line to your .bashrc:

close the Console, open a new one and you’ll get all the latex tools in the command line 🙂

When running latex if you get the error:

/home/yourusername/.texlive2005/texmf-var/ls-R: Permission denied

then go into the /home/yourusername/.texlive2005/texmf-var/ and type

sudo chown username:username ls-R

Installing Kile from source

Install the following packages from the repos:



Take into account that kde-devel has more than one hundred dependencies, but it takes less than 15 minutes to download them and install them if you are in a broadband connection.


tar -xjvf kile-1.9.1.tar.bz2

cd kile-1.9.1

type kde-config – -prefix and you’ll get /usr


./configure – -prefix=/usr

if you don’t get any errors, then


and sudo make install. That’s all

If you need the latex2html package download it from and get the package





sudo make install

Happy TeXing!!


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I'm a Senior Software Engineer with an MSc in Telecommunications Engineering. I've got a range of interests including Linux, a very powerful and limitless operating system, travelling, gastronomy and technology.
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4 Responses to HOWTO: Installing and compiling the latest latex and kile packages in Ubuntu Dapper Drake

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  2. tredinertok says:


    Very interesting information! Thanks!


  3. Kittybriton says:

    July 2006! This is getting pretty ancient, but I have an old machine that is still running Dapper and hope to install TeTeX following these instructions soonish. Can I ping you if I hit any snags?

  4. Kittybriton says:

    PING! E: Package texi2html has no installation candidate – can you suggest a workaround? (Xubuntu Dapper)


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