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HOWTO: Installing and compiling the latest latex and kile packages in Ubuntu Dapper Drake

Tetex is no longer mantained (see, so if we want the latest and greatest, we must install the latex system from the latest TeX live cd install. First of all remove tetex-base, tetex-common, tetex-bin and kile from the repos. … Continue reading

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HOWTO: Checking md5 sums in Linux

Everyone of us has downloaded an iso file sometime or will download one sooner or later. But, how to check for errors in the downloading process. Probably, the server which you are downloading the iso file will have an .md5 … Continue reading

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HOWTO: Backup your data to an external usb hard drive with rsync

Linux has a wide range of applications to perform backups, some of them very powerful. In this howto, I’m going to introduce you to rsync, a powerful yet simple command line application. With rsync we can perform exact copies of … Continue reading

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HOWTO: Recording audio from the command line

Recording any sound that goes through your computer is a feature that you don’t have to miss out. Mostly if this sound is music. There are lots of internet streaming mp3 sources that stream audio that you can listen with … Continue reading

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HOWTO: Formatting and partitioning your external usb hard drive

So, you have just bought a brand new external usb hard drive where you’ll store your backup data. Well, then now the question. How I format my new external usb hard drive using Ubuntu Linux or any tool available in … Continue reading

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Ubuntu Servers restored

It was due to a power outage in London. All Ubuntu related domains were down for more than four hours. Happily, all has been restored and all the services are up and running.

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Ubuntu Servers Down

I can live without the ubuntuforums, but it seems that the ubuntu servers are down at the moment. No one can connect to or Let’s await and see what has happened, but at this very moment ubuntu servers … Continue reading

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