Ripping music

Linux is a great platform to manage your mp3 or ogg files. It has programs to deal with idv3 tags, programs to edit the mp3 wave forms and great music players. You can record music with great opensource tools from a wide variety of sources. In this post I am going to tell you how to rip audio from shoutcast servers. First of all, you need the following software: xmms: the best mp3 audio player, alsa: The audio drivers. With alsamixer you choose the recording channel and the audio level, and with arecord you record the audio that goes through you computer. Lame, the mp3 encoder. To record any audio that goes through your pc you must write the following
$ arecord -f cd -d 10 -t raw | lame -x – out.mp3
Which records the audio that you are listening in the computer to a file called out.mp3 and a duration of 10 seconds ( d command). We can specify the bitrate to the lame encoder with the -b option. See man pages.


About jordilin

I'm a Senior Software Engineer with an MSc in Telecommunications Engineering. I've got a range of interests including Linux, a very powerful and limitless operating system, travelling, gastronomy and technology.
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